Walnut HD TV Lift

Walnut Large Screen TV Lift

The commission included a walnut TV lift cabinet (a 65″ monitor), and a second companion piece in the same style design to provide art folio and book storage. The design was suggested by a piece previously made for the same client (also in this gallery under ‘Buddha Cabinet’ ).

Client: Hein/Stoller

The Casework




This project featured an inner compartment to house the 65″ television and lift mechanism inside the larger walnut cabinet which added space for audio equipment and book storage.The top stretchers are ‘dished’ with 3″ half circles to provide locations for the metal brackets that would fasten the top (allowing for expansion and contraction of the solid walnut). The temporary stretcher running front to back mid-way down the TV compartment was removed prior to the lift mechanism installation

The Inner Cabinet




The inner cabinet that housed the TV left a shallow book storage behind doors in the front of the piece.

In Progress





Sitting on the bench with the TV waiting (in the background) for installation and testing with the telescoping lift mechanism. You can see the companion piece (art folio storage cabinet) just under the TV set.

Lift Testing





Back to the floor for some thorough testing for clearances and door alignment.

Ready For Finishing




Both pieces with antique hardware installed and ready for a natural oil and wax finish.