In 1972 I bought a one bedroom cottage in picturesque Laurel Canyon, California. For the next twenty years it served as a learning ground for all manner of home-maintenance projects.

The yard behind the house overlooked a creek bed that came alive during rainy seasons but was unfortunately subject to considerable erosion due to the run-off. To protect the property, a retaining wall seemed like the best solution and the setting called out for a redwood hot tub and deck.

The tub, decks and fencing were all clear heart redwood which weathered nicely into the natural surroundings.

The fence design was one I used for several other clients.

The 48” diameter tub had three water jets that provided many a relaxing moment.

The beauty of the location was that even though the canyon was considerably populated,  the  deck at the rear of the property was completely secluded.

Not long after these photos were taken, the yard leading out to the deck was planted with St. Augustine grass and flower beds. A stepping stone walk-way led out to the tub area.